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Luigi Rosi AKA KoolKub




Let me give you an insight on how I was introduced to Male Art photography.


Born in Italy, transferred to Canada at the age of 6 and certified as a hairstylist at the age of 18. I was always fascinated of creating art and the ability of transforming people. Took a break of hairstyling to pursue another passion which was psychology therefore complementing my ever-growing interest in people.


I soon realized in the styling business, through the window of opportunity that vanity was giving me, I could make a difference and make people feel good about themselves inside and out!


Before I go on let me just take you back in time for a bit.


Dad was a photographer in his early career and so was my grandfather, which I was named after. He shared my grandpa’s story telling me how he became the private photographer of the Royal Austrian Family including the ever-famous Empress Sissi just before the war. Even though impressed, it was many years later that my new love affair would have its beginning.


In 2012 decided to take the plunge in the fascinating world of photography and purchased my first professional camera in hopes it would showcase my work as a stylist. And it did!


While going to the theater, my fascination of posters depicting a fusion between reality and imagination became a benchmark of the end result I wanted to achieve. Fetish movies like Sin City, Watchmen and 300 to name a few, inspired me to develop my own signature style.


Being attracted to hairy burly muscle men, obviously who could resist them! A year later I met Claude (The Cowboy) on the web, a sweet and gentle man who gracefully accepted to become my muse. With his manliness and virility he helped me discover a whole new way of seeing men behind the lens, and enlightened me in a direction I always envisioned.


Right now, photography is becoming a major part of my life. I am making it a mission to compel a sense of belonging, fantasy and imagination for people observing my work, and simultaneously showing a different perspective of the models that are behind the camera.


In hopes that life will provide me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with Bears, Cubs and men all over the world so we can celebrate this wonderful world that’s is Male Art Photography.




Look out for my next project. Let me give you a hint!

Who ate spinach to get strong?


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